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Horse Racing in New York

With new mobile sportsbooks launching seemingly on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about one of New York’s oldest and most exciting forms of betting – Horse racing.

Horse racing in New York literally goes back centuries. Some of the first races were held in the city as far back as the 1600s. So it goes without saying that there is plenty of history when it comes to this storied city and the horse racing that goes along with it.

Of course, the modern sports bettor is probably familiar with several of the big-name races held in New York, such as the Belmont Stakes and Travers Stakes, along with others.

But with all this racing and history comes some great betting opportunities, and some may have forgotten about all the excitement and unique wagers that can be made when betting on horses.

How Can I Bet on Horse Racing in New York?

There are several mobile and online options for betting on horse racing in New York. These will all be from well-established and regulated platforms so they are just as safe as the sportsbooks you may already use.

TwinSpires – This mobile app is run by Churchill Downs Inc., so they are clearly deeply rooted in horse racing and a name you can trust. They recently combined their racebook and sportsbook into one app, known as TwinSpires. Horse racing via TwinSpires is available in 35 states, although the full sportsbook is available in 5 states.

TVG – Probably the most popular of all the platforms for betting on horse racing. Available in 30 states currently. They also have special promos for new users just like a sportsbook would have. Currently, they offer up to $200 Back If You Lose Your First Single-Horse Win Wager!

NYRA Bets – This is run by the New York Racing Association, but allows betting on horse racing around the country and even in England. They currently offer a bonus for new customers of a 100% deposit bonus of $200.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Those more familiar with sports betting may need to brush up on some of the bet types when it comes to horse racing. Although I’m sure many bettors are at least aware of most of these terms, let’s take a quick look at the types of bets offered by racebooks.

Straight Bets in Horse Racing

Straight bets include the types of bets most people are probably familiar with when it comes to horse racing.

  • Win
  • Place
  • Show
  • Combination Bets

Win, Place, and Show are 1st through 3rd place respectively. A win bet means you have picked a horse to win the race. A show bet will pay if the horse chosen finishes in first or second place. A show bet means any placing in the top 3 can be a winning bet. Of course, these last two bets will pay less due to the lower risk.

Next up are Combinations. A common combination bet would be an “across the board” wager in which you actually place 3 bets combining win, place, and show. If your horse gets the win, you win all three bets. If your horse gets the show, you win one of the bets.

There are also two-bet combination wagers, these would be similar to the above example but just win-place or place-show.

Exotic Bets in Horse Racing

Next up are what is known as the exotic wagers when it comes to horse racing:

  • Exacta
  • Quinella
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta

Exacta – In this bet, you pick the horse to win and place in order for the wager to be a winner. You need to choose the correct order the horses will finish.
Quinella – Unlike the exacta, you are not required to pick the correct order the horses will finish. The two horses you choose can win or place and the wager will still win.
Trifecta – The most well-known exotic horse racing bet is the trifecta. Here you choose the top 3 horses to finish the race and they must be in the correct order to make the wager a winner.
Superfecta – As the name suggests, it’s essentially a trifecta bet with an extra place added. So you must choose the right horses to finish 1st through 4th, and in the correct order. Bets like this are high risk to run alone, and a bettor will generally use several picks of varying odds in order to hedge.

What Are The Different Types of Horse Racing?

When getting into horse racing and betting, you will encounter three main types of racing:

  • Quarter Horse Racing
  • Thoroughbred Racing
  • Harness Racing

Quarter Horses are somewhat smaller than thoroughbreds and are faster over short distances. They race on a quarter-mile track and can reach speeds of 44 mph.

Next up is thoroughbred horses and these are probably the horses most people are familiar with. The most famous racehorses in the world such as Secretariat are thoroughbreds. These slightly larger and leaner horses excel at longer distances and race distances of a mile or more. Races like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness feature thoroughbred racehorses.

Finally, we have harness racing. This style of horse racing has the horse pulling a small cart called a sulky, which holds a driver. The speeds are slower than the other two forms of racing and the horses featured in these races are known as Standardbreds.

Tips For Betting on Horse Racing

If you’re new to horse racing, many of the same tips that apply to other forms of sports betting apply here as well. One of the most important tips you can get is to manage your bankroll and set your units up in a way that fits the budget and system you plan on using.

Use all your available information. Just like in football where the weather can have an impact on your bets, track conditions can have a big impact on horses as well, especially if they are last-minute changes. You can find out the horse and their jockey’s recent history and determine how they perform in a given track condition.

Sometimes it’s best to look for why a favorite might lose. Perhaps it’s a rough streak or recent history with a jockey. You would think the favorite in horse racing is a sure bet, but that’s not the case. There are many factors involved and that’s why betting on horse racing has been around for so long.

It should go without saying, but don’t get caught up in the long shots. Horse racing pretty much invented the term long-shots so don’t fall into that trap the same way you wouldn’t bet on dogs all day in regular sports betting. Make smart, informed wagers.

These are just general guidelines to get you started, but the world of Horse racing can be just as deep as the sports betting you may already be familiar with. Horse racing offers lots of excitement and opportunities for those willing to do a little research and may just be the perfect fit for bettors looking for some new action.

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